About Cayuta Creek Carpentry

Tim Reap first came to the Ithaca area in 1989 to work on an organic farm. In 1991, he worked as a laborer on a small “green” home and has had his hands in building and remodeling ever since.

Tim has spent over 15 years in his trade, studying the many different architectural styles that make up neighborhoods and farms of the Finger Lakes region. A life-long interest in ecology and the natural world combined with concerns about global warming and the biodiversity crisis have strengthened his commitment to sustainable home building.

In 2006, Tim spent the winter working as a carpenter at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. His work sometimes took him into the darkness outside in weather as cold as minus 40.

Cayuta Creek Carpentry has often teamed up with some of the best of the Ithaca carpenter trade. His most recent collaborations are with David Burke and John Witting of David W. Burke Woodworking. Other collaborations have included working with Rob Licht and Regis Carver.